Mind-blowing Impossible Quiz 3

The Basics
The Impossible Quiz is flash game, designed mainly by Slapp-me-Do and published initially on Newgrounds.com. The game is - as the name would suggest - a quiz, and the player has to answer every question correctly to continue to the next question. You only have 3 lives though, and if a question is answered wrong, you lose a live. After you've lost all three of your lives, the game is over. On top of all that, The Impossible Quiz also has some questions with a timer, or "bomb", which gives you a limited time to answer.

Impossible Quiz 3Controls
The game is very easy to play. For most questions, you will only need your mouse. Some questions require keyboard keys, or both keyboard and mouse. Some basic thinking is required, and also some knowledge of various references to popular culture.

Cryptic Questions
Even though The Impossible Quiz has very simple controls, the game itself is not so easy. In fact, it can be very tough, because most of the questions are very hard, or cryptic, or just make no sense. That is why the game is called "Impossible". It's not literally impossible to complete of course, but it is extremely difficult without help. Some Questions require you to think outside the box, or are purposely misleading to make you click the wrong answer, which can make it very frustrating.

Internet Fame
The Impossible Quiz has developed quite a reputation across the internet, because of its notorious difficulty and unfairness. It gained a lot of popularity after PewDiePie, a famous YouTube gamer, featured it on his channel. Now, there is a huge amount of videos and articles posted around the internet. Some people share videos of their attempts (which often fail miserably), and others post walkthroughs on how to complete the game. The game even has its own Wiki now, with each question explained in detail.

game posterThe Impossible Quiz Variations
After The Impossible Quiz became popular, the developers designed a second, similar game named The Impossible Quiz 2. This sequel also quickly gained fame on the web. Furthermore, the demo version of the original game was released as The Impossible Quiz Demo. Lastly a game called The Impossible Quiz Book was created in three chapters. This game has also basically the same principle, but it has been released in three separate, short chapters. Apart from all these official installments, many unofficial knock-offs have been made by fans or rivaling websites, in the hopes of gaining popularity through the well-known Impossible Quiz series, or just to recreate the fun experience that was characteristic to The Impossible Quiz.

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